Millers VSPe Power Plus Multishot
Millers VSPe Power Plus Multishot
£ 31.95
Millers VSPe Power Plus in a handy multi-use dispenser, treats 500 litres of fuel (500ml)
Millers VSPe Power Plus Multishot Lead Replacement Fuel Additive is an 'all in one' fuel treatment which provides ethanol protection, lead replacement and an octane improver which can provide up to two octane numbers (20 points) to base unleaded fuels.

Endorsed by FBHVC A Rating to protect against the corrosion effects of ethanol in modern fuel types.

One 500ml bottle will treat 500 litres of fuel (dilution 1ml per litre). The new Multishot bottle means one 50ml measure can easliy be poured in with 50 litres of fuel.

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