penrite atf dx-iii
Automatic transmission fluid for use in GM Dexron® II or III applications (1 litre, 4 litre, 4x4 litre)
(Ex VAT £23.29)
penrite hpr 5
Premium, full synthetic SAE 5W-40 (5 litre, 4x5 litre)
(Ex VAT £27.46)
case of castrol xl 20w/50 (4x1 gal) - only £90
Case of 4 x 1 gallon metal cans of Castrol Classic XL 20w/50
(Ex VAT £75.00)
penrite classic v-dub
Premium mineral, multi-grade SAE 20W-60 engine oil, especially formulated for VW Beetles (5 litre)
(Ex VAT £27.46)
case of millers classic pistoneeze 20w50
Great value case deal on this high-specification classic multigrade (4 x 5 litres)
(Ex VAT £83.33)
classic oils beetlejuice hd30
Specially blended for VW Beetles and Campers requiring an SAE30 (5 litres, 4x5 litres)
(Ex VAT £14.13)
(Ex VAT £0.42)
penrite gear oil 80w-90
Premium mineral 80W-90 automotive gear oil GL-5/6 (2.5 litre)
(Ex VAT £17.46)
penrite gear oil 85w-140
Heavy duty, mineral automotive 85W-140 gear oil (2.5litre)
(Ex VAT £17.46)
penrite classic coolant
Type B, colourless, hybrid-organic, non-glycol based, corrosion inhibitor concentrate (1 litre)
(Ex VAT £12.46)
penrite su dashpot oil
For lubricating pistons and dampers in SU and Stromberg carburettors (150ml)
(Ex VAT £4.13)
limited slip friction performance, api gl-5
GL-5 axle fluid for limited slip differentials (1 litre)
(Ex VAT £9.13)