penrite semi fluid & steering box lube
Self-levelling lithium grease for steering boxes and some gearboxes (500ml, Box 6 x 500ml)
tygris belt dressing anti slip
Reduces slippage and increases transmitted power by up to 50% (400ml aerosol)
morris mlr 30
An advanced SAE 30 castor blend for petrol and methanol applications (5 litre)
penrite premium mineral 15w/40
Very high quality mineral oil, recommended for Mazda rotary engines (5 litre)
classic oils beetlejuice hd30
Specially blended Heavy Duty oil for earlier VW Beetles and Campers requiring an SAE30 (5 litre, 25 litre)
penrite gear oil 80w-90
Premium mineral 80W-90 automotive gear oil GL-5/6 (1 litre, 2.5 litre, 20 litre)
penrite gear oil 85w-140
Heavy duty, mineral automotive 85W-140 gear oil (1 litre, 2.5litre)
penrite mc4-st 15w-50 (pao ester)
Full Ester synthetic motorcycle engine/gearbox oil, including wet clutches (4 litre)
hobbyweld ultra 15 - 85% argon mig mix
For good quality MIG welds on thicker section steel. No bottle rental, 20 litre
penrite classic coolant
Type B, colourless, hybrid-organic, non-glycol based, corrosion inhibitor concentrate (1 litre)
penrite su dashpot oil
For lubricating pistons and dampers in SU and Stromberg carburettors (150ml)