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Classic Oils
Classic Oils
Our own Brand of oil, carefully blended in the UK to our exacting formula for discerning enthusiasts.
Penrite is an Australian company which manufactures a range of very high quality classic and vintage blends, including some very broad spectrum classic multigrades.
TetraBOOST is a solution of tetraethyl lead in aromatic hydrocarbons, which together with the necessary chemical “scrubbers” makes genuine 4 and 5 star petrol, with higher octanes approaching AVGAS levels available if required.
Gulf Fuels for racing and horticulture from one of the world's most well-loved automotive brands
Castrol Classic Oils is a division of BP, and still produces many blends recommended by name in the original vehicle handbooks such as XL30, XXL40 and GP50 - and all packaged in their unique 1-gallon metal tins.
Duckhams is perhaps the most well-known British oil brand from the 60's and 70's. They were instumental in the development of multigrade oils in the UK.
Millers Oils
Millers Oils
Millers Oils is an independent British company, offering a wide range of lubricants including semi- and full-synthetics for classic vehicles as well as their unique Mini engine and gearbox oil
Morris Lubricants of Shrewsbury manufacture excellent value oil blends for vehicles of all ages up to the present day, and including a variety of steam oils unmatched by any other oil blender.
Silkolene is now a division of Fuchs Lubricants, but the company has over 100 years experience of producing quality lubricants in the UK which they still proudly do
Red Line
Red Line
Red Line gear oils are among the best in the business. Synthetic base oils and ingenious additive packages make for superlative performance especially in racing conditions
Not only do Evans Waterless Coolants not boil over, they do not freeze. All Evans Waterless Coolants will last the life of your engine and never require supplemental coolant additives to protect the engine from corrosion.
Hobbyweld rent free gas cylinders are a convenient choice for the occasional user. Available in 9 litre and 20 litre Ultra, including shielding, trimix, argon, carbon dioxide and oxygen. No rental charges. Collection from Bicester.
For miscellaneous products such as Napier, Wynns, Britemax, WD40
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faher anti-friction gasoline powerful cleansing - pre-mot
Faher Petrol Powerful Cleanser & Pre-MOT
Anti-friction treatment for injection and carburettor systems (200ml, 1 litre)
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crx 75w140 nt
Millers CRX 75w140 NT+
Competition heavy-duty, fully synthetic transmission oil for highly stressed applications GL-4, GL-5 (1 litre)
classic oils traditional copper grease - 100g
Classic Oils Traditional Copper Grease
Premium copper anti-seize compound with double the copper content of standard copper greases (100g)
non-fling, low friction faher high quality bicycle chain lube
Faher High Quality Bicycle Chain Lube
Non fling, friction reducing chain lube ideal for racing applications (1 Litre)
millers millermatic atf spiii-ws
Millers Millermatic ATF SPIII-WS
Fully synthetic ATF and power steering fluid (1 litre, 5 litre)
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faher anti-friction high performance spray
Faher Anti-Friction High Performance Spray
Heavy duty cutting oil spray from the Faher Anti-friction range (400ml aerosol)
a light oil for general use (100ml)
A light oil for general use (100ml)
wd-40 motorbike chain wax with outstanding anti-fling properties
WD-40 Motorbike Chain Wax
Lubrication and corrosion protection of chains, ideal for wet conditions (400ml aerosol)
wd-40 motorbike wax and polish provides a deep glossy shine with no streaks
WD-40 Motorbike Wax and Polish
Creates a deep glossy shine with no streaks (400ml aerosol)
classic oils traditional red rubber grease
Classic Oils Traditional Red Rubber Grease
Top quality red rubber grease (NLGI 3 - 4) for use when contact with rubber parts is likely (100g)
long lasting, quick drying, prevents friction and wear
WD-40 Anti Friction Dry PTFE Lubricant
Long lasting, quick drying lubrication with PTFE to reduce friction and wear (400ml aerosol)
Penrite Cam and Engine Assembly Lube 100g
For initial lubrication of engine components during assembly and on first engine start (100g)
penrite race castor oil
Penrite Race Castor Oil
High quality castor vegetable oil and synthetic ester (1 litre, box of 6x1 litre)
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millers classic preservation oil
Millers Classic Preservation Oil
Dual purpose preservation oil for storage and limited running (5 litre)
classic oils heritage 20w50 from £15.50 per 5 litre!
Heritage 20W50
Classic Oils' own high-zinc classic 20W50 mineral oil with 1300ppm ZDDP (5 litre, 25 litre)
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classic oils muscle car 10w-30
Muscle Car 10W-30
Low viscosity multigrade suitable for many American V8's of the 1960's and 70's. (5 litre, 25 litre)
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morris k43ep grease (3kg)
Morris K43EP Multi-purpose Grease
An NLGI 3, lithium-based Extreme Pressure grease for use up to and including wheel bearings (3kg)
castrol oil jug set of 3
Castrol Oil Jugs
Metal pouring jugs from Castrol in green with the famous Wakefield logo (Set of 3)
castrol oil jug 2 pint
Castrol Pouring Jug 2 Pint
Metal pouring jug from Castrol in green with the famous Wakefield logo (2 Pint)
improves the efficiency and cleanliness of petrol injectors and carburettor jets (500ml)
Millers Petrol Eco Max
Improves the efficiency and cleanliness of petrol injectors and carburettor jets (500ml)
castrol oil jug 1/2 pint
Castrol Pouring Jug 1/2 Pint
Metal pouring jug from Castrol in green with the famous Wakefield logo (1/2 Pint)
penrite 10 tenths racing 0
Penrite 10Tenths Racing 0
Fully synthetic SAE 0W-20, shear free racing engine oil; 2200+ ppm ZDDP (5 litre)
penrite 10 tenths racing 5
Penrite 10Tenths Racing 5
Fully synthetic SAE 5W-30, shear free racing engine oil; 2200+ ppm ZDDP (5 litre)
millers crx ls 75w140 nt
Millers CRX LS 75w140 NT+
Competition, fully synthetic oil for limited slip differentials. With 'Nano Technology' to reduce internal frictional (1 litre)
millers crx ls 75w90 nt
Millers CRX LS 75w90 NT+
Competition fully synthetic limited slip diff oil with 'Nano Technology' to reduce internal friction (1 litre)
millers css 20w60
Millers CSS 20w60
High performance competition semi-synthetic 20w60 engine oil (5 litre)
faher synthetic anti-friction 2-stroke oil
Faher Synthetic Anti-Friction 2-Stroke Oil
100% synthetic 2-stroke oil with anti-friction treatment (1litre)
faher anti-friction grease aerosol
Faher Anti-Friction PTFE Spray
Anti-friction grease reinforced with micronised PTFE (400ml aerosol)
faher anti-friction hd oil additive
Faher Anti-Friction HD
Anti-friction treatment oil additive to reduce friction by up to 90% (200ml, 1 litre)
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faher anti-friction ptfe oil additive
Faher Anti-Friction PTFE
Anti-friction treatment oil additive with PTFE for heavy loads and high temperatures (200ml, 1 litre)
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penrite 10 tenths racing 20
Penrite 10Tenths Racing 20
Fully synthetic SAE 20W-60, shear free racing engine oil; 2200+ ppm ZDDP (5 litre, 20 litres)
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penrite 10 tenths racing 15
Penrite 10Tenths Racing 15
High performance fully synthetic SAE 15W-50, shear free racing engine oil; 2200+ ppm ZDDP (5 litre)
penrite 10 tenths racing 10
Penrite 10Tenths Racing 10
Fully synthetic SAE 10W-40, shear free racing engine oil; 2200+ ppm ZDDP (5 litre)
classic oils hot hatch 10w-40
Classic Oils Hot Hatch 10W-40
Semi synthetic 10W-40 engine oil suitable for later classics, including many Hot Hatches from the 1980's and 90's (5 litre, 25 litre)
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millers millmax 22
Millers Millmax 22
Low viscosity, ISO 22 hydraulic oil (5 litres)
for applications requiring a low ep gear oil
Castrol ST90
SAE90 gear oil for gearboxes and differentials where a low EP gear oil is specified, API GL-3 (1 litre)
semi-synthetic motorcycle 4-stroke oil
Morris Super Sport 4
SAE 10W-40, semi-synthetic 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil (4 litre)
millers classic sport 20w60 5 litre
Millers Classic Sport 20w60
Extra high performance semi synthetic 20w60 (5 litre)
racing brake fluid 300 plus has a dry boiling point of above 310°c
Millers Racing Brake Fluid 300+
Extra high boiling point (above 310°C) brake fluid
millers cfs 15w60
Millers CFS 15w60
Competition fully synthetic oil for engines in highly stressed endurance conditions (5 litre)