penrite silicone brake fluid
Penrite Silicone Brake Fluid 500ml
duckhams q 20w-50
Duckhams Classic Q 20W-50, true to its history as “the engine’s choice” (1 gal)
duckhams classic sae30
Duckhams green winter-weight monograde for a wide variety of pre-1950 applications (1 gal)
duckhams classic sae40
Duckhams green summer-weight monograde for a wide variety of pre-1950 applications (1 gal)
classic oils hot hatch 10w-40
Semi synthetic 10W-40 engine oil suitable for a wide range of later classic engines, including many high performance Hot Hatches from the 1980's and 90's (5 Litres, 4x5 Litres)
millers classic sport 20w60 5 litre
Extra high performance semi synthetic 20w60 (5 litre, 4x5 litre)
morris mlr chain lube
Fully synthetic, non-fling chain lube to protect chains from wear and corrosion (400ml aerosol)
water pump grease for water pumps in vintage vehicles
Water resistant, calcium based grease (NLGI 4) for the lubrication of water pumps in vintage vehicles (100g)
classic oils traditional red rubber grease
Top quality red rubber grease (NLGI 3 - 4) for use when contact with rubber parts is likely (100g)
thermally stable, moisture resistant, classic oils silicone grease
Thermally-stable translucent silicone grease (NLGI 2) with good insulating properties (100g)
penrite octane booster
Formulated to increase octane rating by up to 2.5 (375ml)
millers crx ls 75w140 nt
Competition, fully synthetic oil for limited slip differentials. With 'Nano Technology' to reduce internal frictional (1 litre)