duckhams classic sae30
Duckhams green winter-weight monograde for a wide variety of pre-1950 applications (1 gal)
duckhams classic sae40
Duckhams green summer-weight monograde for a wide variety of pre-1950 applications (1 gal)
tetraboost fuel life extender
Delays the onset of fuel oxidation prevalent in modern petrol (50ml, 12x50ml)
tetraboost e-guard road
Conventional lead replacement, octane booster and ethanol protection in convenient one-shot bottles (50ml, 12x50ml)
carsos fuzz and tim's autobrite cleaning kit
Fuzz & Tim’s Classic Car Care Kit contains a range of products to ensure your pride and joy looks its absolute best!
millers trx synth 75w-90
Fully synthetic manual transmission oil for manual transmissions and axles (1 litre)
penrite pro gear gl-4 75w-90
Fully Synthetic GL-4 gear oil 75W-90 (1 Litre)
penrite auto trans stop leak
Control leaks in Automatic Transmission systems from worn seals and gaskets
penrite power steering stop leak
Specifically designed to control leaks in Power Steering systems
classic oils hot hatch 10w-40
Semi synthetic 10W-40 engine oil suitable for later classics, including many Hot Hatches from the 1980's and 90's (5 Litres)
millers classic sport 20w60 5 litre
Extra high performance semi synthetic 20w60 (5 litre)
water pump grease for water pumps in vintage vehicles
Water resistant, calcium based grease (NLGI 4) for the lubrication of water pumps in vintage vehicles (100g)