Our 'Fuzz Townshend Classic Oils' own-label products are made to Fuzz's own recipes and are available from several independent companies in the UK & Ireland. Please click here to see our Stockist List.


very tight
For the sealing and locking of threaded fasteners in heavy duty applications (50ml)
For sealing close fitting joints between flanges and faces (50ml)
classic oils traditional copper grease - 100g
Premium copper anti-seize compound with double the copper content of standard copper greases (100g)
classic oils traditional red rubber grease
Top quality red rubber grease (NLGI 3 - 4) for use when contact with rubber parts is likely (100g)
thermally stable, moisture resistant, classic oils silicone grease
Thermally-stable translucent silicone grease (NLGI 2) with good insulating properties (100g)