Faher (pronounced roughly as ‘fire’) are the market leaders of innovative friction reducing technology.  Their range of anti-friction treatments can reduce friction of parts by up to 90%, to extend the life of engines and reduce excess consumption, temperature, noise and emissions.


faher anti-friction ptfe oil additive
Anti-friction treatment oil additive with PTFE for heavy loads and high temperatures (200ml, 1 litre)
faher anti-friction hd oil additive
Anti-friction treatment oil additive to reduce friction by up to 90% (200ml, 1litre)
faher anti-friction gasoline powerful cleansing - pre-mot
Anti-friction treatment for injection and carburettor systems (200ml)
faher synthetic anti-friction 2-stroke oil
100% synthetic 2-stroke oil with anti-friction treatment (1litre)
faher anti-friction grease aerosol
Anti-friction grease reinforced with micronised PTFE (400ml aerosol)
faher anti-friction high performance spray
Heavy duty cutting oil spray from the Faher Anti-friction range (400ml aerosol)
non-fling, low friction faher high quality bicycle chain lube
Non fling, friction reducing chain lube ideal for racing applications (100ml)