faher diesel powerful cleanser and pre-mot
Faher Diesel Powerful Cleanser & Pre-MOT
Cleans the fuel system, lubricates and protects, achieving a reduction in fuel consumption and wear between the component parts. (200ml & 1 Litre)
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faher synthetic anti-friction 2-stroke oil
Faher Synthetic Anti-Friction 2-Stroke Oil
100% synthetic 2-stroke oil with anti-friction treatment (1litre)
non-fling, low friction faher high quality bicycle chain lube
Faher High Quality Bicycle Chain Lube
Non fling, friction reducing chain lube ideal for racing applications (1 Litre)
faher anti-friction grease aerosol
Faher Anti-Friction PTFE Spray
Anti-friction grease reinforced with micronised PTFE (400ml aerosol)
faher anti-friction hd oil additive
Faher Anti-Friction HD
Anti-friction treatment oil additive to reduce friction by up to 90% (200ml, 1 litre)
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faher anti-friction high performance spray
Faher Anti-Friction High Performance Spray
Heavy duty cutting oil spray from the Faher Anti-friction range (400ml aerosol)
faher anti-friction ptfe oil additive
Faher Anti-Friction PTFE
Anti-friction treatment oil additive with PTFE for heavy loads and high temperatures (200ml, 1 litre)
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faher anti-friction gasoline powerful cleansing - pre-mot
Faher Petrol Powerful Cleanser & Pre-MOT
Anti-friction treatment for injection and carburettor systems (200ml, 1 litre)
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faher all purpose super lubricant spray 400ml
Faher All Purpose Super Lubricant Spray
For lubrication and protection of chains, bearings, bolts, drive chains, guides, tools, etc. Easy to apply in difficult access areas (400ml spray)
faher diesel maintenance fuel additive
Faher Diesel Maintenance Fuel Additive
Faher Lubricates and Protects parts of the fuel system from corrosion and oxidation, reducing vibrations and improving their response. (90ml, 1 Litre)
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faher radiator stop leak
Faher Radiator Stop Leak
Stops and prevents leakages in all water based systems (250ml)
faher radiator flush
Faher Radiator Flush
Use to clean and remove grease, oil, sludge and debris from radiator systems (250ml).
faher engine/gearbox seal rejuvenator
Faher Engine/Gearbox Seal Rejuvenator
Faher's Additive for rejuvenating engine and gearbox seals. Treats up to 7 Litres of oil (250ml)