For a list of Penrite stockists, or to become a stockist, please see the Penrite UK website Penrite have a useful Product Selector for pre-1970s vehicles available here.


penrite premium mineral 15w/40
Very high quality mineral oil, recommended for Mazda rotary engines (5 litre)
penrite silicone brake fluid
Penrite DOT 5 Silicone Brake Fluid (500ml)
penrite pro gear gl-4 75w-90
Fully Synthetic GL-4 gear oil 75W-90 (1 Litre)
penrite auto trans stop leak
Control leaks in Automatic Transmission systems from worn seals and gaskets
penrite power steering stop leak
Specifically designed to control leaks in Power Steering systems
penrite pro gear 75w-85
Premium Full Synthetic, SAE 75W-85 GL-4 Gear Oil (1 Litre)
7-year blue coolant & anti-freeze
7-Year Blue Coolant & Anti-Freeze Premix with OAT Technology, suitable for classic and modern vehicles (5 litre)
penrite pas (power assisted steering fluid)
Premium semi-synthetic Power Steering Fluid, also suitable for suspension systems
penrite 10tenths power sports grease
Lithium Complex Grease, EP and High Temp, suitable for a wide range of applications
penrites high performance broad spectrum classic multigrades by the case! (4 x 5 litre)
Penrite's High Performance broad spectrum Classic multigrades by the case! (4 x 5 litre)
a case of 4 x 5 litres of penrites amazing vintage multigrades for just £120
A case of 4 x 5 litres of Penrite's amazing vintage multigrades for just £120
Premium quality 20W/50 multigrade (5 Litre, 4 x 5 Litre)
Very high quality, mid-detergent engine oil (5 litre, 20 litre)