For a list of Penrite stockists, or to become a stockist, please see the Penrite UK website Penrite have a useful Product Selector for pre-1970s vehicles available here.
new penrite enviro+ 3w-30
Penrite Enviro+ 5W-30
Premium Synthetic 5W-30 Modern Engine oil designed for engines using mid SAPS technology (20 Litre EnviroBox)
enviro+ c4 5w-30 20 litre envirobox
Penrite Enviro+ C4 5W-30 20 Litre EnviroBox
Excellent full Synthetic Oil Designed for Modern Engines Requiring Low SAPS Oil to C4 Performance Levels (20 Litre EnviroBox)
new penrite fork oil 15
Penrite Motorcycle Fork Oil 15 Full Synthetic
Full Synthetic, low viscosity oil for use in motorcycle forks and other suspension systems that require SAE 15W Grade Oil (1 Litre).
penrite stop oil burning 30w-70 engine oil
Penrite Stop Oil Burning 30W-70 Engine Oil (5 Litres)
Engine Oil designed to reduce excessive oil consumption in classic, or worn engines (5 Litres)
penrite 10tenths race coolant inhibitor (concentrate)
Penrite 10Tenths Race Coolant Inhibitor (Concentrate)
Penrite 10Tenths Race Coolant Inhibitor Concentrate is a Type B, non-glycol based corrosion inhibitor (1 Litre)
NEW Penrite 10TENTHS Racing Brake Fluid 600
Penrite 10TENTHS Racing Brake Fluid 600
Super Dot Four Plus Brake and Clutch Fluid, with a high temperature boiling point of 600 F or 316 C. (500ml)