Classic Oils Grease Multi-deal - Only £19.95
Classic Oils Grease Multi-deal - Only £19.95
£ 19.95
All four of our own-label greases for just £19.95 (100g of Copper Grease, Water Pump Grease, Red Rubber Grease and Silicone Grease)
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Ensure you've the right grease for every maintenance job on your classic, with this multi-deal on our own-label greases.  All the greases are supplied in a handy 100g screw top pot.


1 x 100g Traditional Copper Grease
Premium copper anti-seize compound with double the copper content of standard copper greases.

1 x 100g Traditional Water Pump Grease
Water resistant, calcium based grease for the lubrication of water pumps in vintage vehicles.

1 x 100g Traditional Red Rubber Grease
Top quality red rubber grease for use when contact with rubber parts is likely.

1 x 100g Silicone Grease
Thermally-stable translucent silicone grease with good insulating properties.


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