Classic Oils Silicone Grease
Classic Oils Silicone Grease
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Thermally-stable translucent silicone grease (NLGI 2) with good insulating properties (100g)
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Classic Oils Silicone Grease is a thermally-stable NLGI 2 silicone compound that offers excellent insulating and moisture resistant properties.

Silicone Grease is resistant to many organic chemicals, hot and cold water, low pressure steam and many gases.

Silicone Grease also provides lubrication and protection for ‘O’ rings, and has excellent dielectric properties.

Not recommended for metal-to-metal lubrication.

  • Resistant to a wide range of different chemicals
  • Due to its thixotropic nature, the compound thickens up after movement to ensure excellent sealing properties
  • Protects components from corrosion and seizure
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