Ethanil Kit - Ethanol-free, Trouble-free!
Ethanil Kit - Ethanol-free, Trouble-free!
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Our user-friendly Ethanil kit lets you remove ethanol from petrol yourself!
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Ethanil® is a unique kit which offers a user-friendly method of removing ethanol from modern pump petrol, thereby eliminating the various adverse effects of ethanol on classic cars and motorcycles.

Unlike petrol additives that only treat the corrosive effects of ethanol on metals, the Ethanil kit is designed to completely remove the ethanol in petrol; this ensures the numerous other problems caused by ethanol (ie corrosion of rubber parts, deterioration of fibreglass fuel tanks, water absorption) are prevented.

The Ethanil kit can be used time and time again, with each fill producing at least 17 litres of ethanol-free petrol, so it’s ideal for low-volume petrol users, including:

  • Classic 2-strokes
  • Motorcycles with fibreglass or plastic fuel tanks
  • Classic and vintage cars with low fuel consumption and/or limited mileages
  • The last fill of the season before a classic car goes into storage; this is the time that your vehicle's fuel tank is at greatest risk of corrosion.
Ethanil Standard Kit Contents:
  • Robust, ergonomic Ethanil Separator tank
  • Measuring bottle to gauge the ethanol content of petrol
  • Ethanil garage funnel to make processing clean and easy
  • Step-by-step instructions
Visit the Ethanil website for more details and to view the Ethanil League Table.

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