Evans Vintage Cool 180°
Evans Vintage Cool 180°
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The best coolant for your vintage car, guaranteed for life and no boiling ever! (2 litre)
Formulated for the specific requirements of Vintage engines, Evans Vintage Cool 180° transfers heat efficiently from older engines even at elevated temperatures.  Because the onset of even localised boiling is eliminated, this coolant works very well in systems where cooling performance is marginal and gives real peace of mind in hot weather or slow traffic conditions. 

We use this in our own PVT vehicle, and can testify to its superb performance!

The unique waterless properties offer many advantages over traditional coolants:
  • Stops Corrosion - Water-based coolants actively cause corrosion within the cooling system. Our advanced waterless formulation is 100% non-corrosive and contains corrosion inhibitors to protect from left over water residue. 
  • 180°C Protection - The unique properties enable efficient heat transfer up to 180°C. Eliminate problems such as Boil-over and After-boil and protect against cylinder liner pitting, metal distortion and pre-ignition.  
  • Lower Pressures - Due to the high boiling point the cooling system operates at significantly lower pressures. Not only does this ensure a safer system, it prevents unnecessary stress on hoses and other other components. 
  • Antifreeze - All year round protection. Evans waterless coolants protect down to -40°C. 
  • 4 Life - Evans Waterless Coolant is proven to last the life of the engine. 
  •  Non-toxic - Formulated with our patented DeTox™ additive
NB: Not for use in thermo-syphon systems (ie systems without a water pump), as the lower expansion coefficient of Evans will stop the coolant's circulation.
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