faher diesel maintenance fuel additive
Faher Diesel Maintenance Fuel Additive
Code: FADM90
£ 32.85
Faher Lubricates and Protects parts of the fuel system from corrosion and oxidation, reducing vibrations and improving their response. (90ml, 1 Litre)
Faher Diesel Maintenance is a Fuel Additive Treatment for all Diesel systems.
Decreasing friction between components by up to 90%.

It has high detergency powers and increases fuel Cetane Levels. 
After application of the Powerful Cleansing Treatment, this product will help you maintain the fuel system in optimum condition, clean and lubricated.

After completing the powerful cleansing and to keep the fuel system properly clean and lubricated, use in the fuel tank to the ratio below.

Application Ratio

Regular Diesel, apply 0.05% or 90ml per 180 Litres of Diesel or 1000ml for 2000L of Diesel.
Low quality Diesel, apply 0.1% or 90ml per 90L of Diesel, or 1000ml for 1000L of Diesel.

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