penrite cv joint grease
For boundary protection against heavy sliding, shock or impact loading (100g)
penrite semi fluid & steering box lube
Self-levelling lithium grease for steering boxes and some gearboxes (500ml)
penrite copper eze 100g
For coating flanges, threads, nuts, bolts - in handy tube (100g)
water pump grease for water pumps in vintage vehicles
Water resistant, calcium based grease (NLGI 4) for the lubrication of water pumps in vintage vehicles (100g)
classic oils traditional red rubber grease
Top quality red rubber grease (NLGI 3 - 4) for use when contact with rubber parts is likely (100g)
thermally stable, moisture resistant, classic oils silicone grease
Thermally-stable translucent silicone grease (NLGI 2) with good insulating properties (100g)
For initial lubrication of engine components during assembly and on first engine start (100g)
classic oils traditional copper grease - 100g
Premium copper anti-seize compound with double the copper content of standard copper greases (100g)
morris k43ep grease (3kg)
An NLGI 3, lithium-based Extreme Pressure grease for use up to and including wheel bearings (3kg)
faher anti-friction grease aerosol
Anti-friction grease reinforced with micronised PTFE (400ml aerosol)
wd-40 high performance white lithium grease
From the WD-40 Specialist range: water and heat resistant, non-drip formula for long term lubrication (400ml aerosol)
long lasting spray grease with wd-40
Long lasting lubrication with excellent adhesion and sealing properties for use on metal surfaces (400ml aerosol)