High Output Lift Pump
High Output Lift Pump
Code: KP101
£ 29.95
Versatile lift pump which handles a variety of liquids, clean and dirty

A new type of medium-duty, high output lift pump for a wide range of fluids including water, light oils, petrol, kerosene, chemicals, solvents and aggressive fluids. Simply and efficiently designed without seals, these pumps are lightweight and versatile. They can be used as conventional barrel pumps or to pump fluids from boats, tubs, sumps, barrels, aquaria, tanks, vats, etc.  They will handle silt and dirt particles.

Wetted parts: blue HDPE / UPVC / plated steel / polypropylene / PVC

Suitable for light oils, water based solutions, seawater, non-corrosive chemicals, petrol, diesel, kerosene, degreasers, etc

  • 1 litre per up-stroke
  • 50 litres/minute approx.
  • 2" bsp adaptor fitted
  • Fits all steel drums
  • Will fit plastic drums with an aperture size of 55mm minimum
  • 38mm o.d. dia. outlet
  • Discharge hose (PVC) 45mm o.d. x 1000mm
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