Hobbyweld Argon ULTRA
Hobbyweld Argon ULTRA
£ 143.00
Pure Argon in a 20 litre, 300 bar, non-rental bottle. Built-in regulator.
Ideal for use when TIG welding stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium, Argon can also be used for MIG welding aluminium.  

The Hobbyweld Ultra bottles come with a built-in regulator, complete with flow control and pressure relief valve.  This eliminates the need for a separate regulator.  It comes with a quick-release connector to directly connect the bottle to your hose, and has a tough shroud to protect the regulator and bottle from accidental damage.

This is truly the most advanced non-rental bottle ever!
  • Gas Pressure 300 bar / 4350 psi
  • Gas Capacity 6.06 cubic metres
  • Water Capacity 20 litres
  • Gas Mix 99.995% Argon
  • Weight 44kg
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