hobbyweld oxygen plus
Hobbyweld Oxygen Plus
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£ 74.00
For oxy / fuel cutting and welding. No bottle rental (20 litre)


Hobbyweld Industrial gases are a solution for hobby or occasional users for whom bottle rental charges from other gas bottle suppliers are uneconomical. A refundable deposit is payable on initial rental, and thereafter only the cost of the gas is payable on exchange for a full bottle. For obvious reasons, these bottles are for collection or local delivery only.

These bottles use the same regulator fittings as BOC, Air Products and Air Liquide.


  • Colourless and odourless
  • Does not burn but supports and accelerates combustion
  • Non-toxic at atmospheric pressure
  • Vigourously supports combustion
  • Introducing oxygen to conventional air-fuel flames increases the temperature of the flame
Applications and Uses
  • The use of oxygen gives higher flame temperatures than if air is used
  • Use with propane or acetylene for soldering, cutting or welding
Material compatibility
  • Oxygen vigourously supports combustion of many materials, which will not normally burn in air
  • Most lubricants are not compatible with oxygen; oil and grease can ignite spontaneously burning with explosive violence and should not be used with oxygen
  • Oxygen must never be used with Polytetraflourethylene (PTFE) tape, as it will cause combustion
Cylinder Gas Pressure - 230 bar (circa 3335 psi) at 15C
Gas Capacity - 4.82 cubic metre average (20 litre water capacity)

Height - 950mm
Diameter - 200mm
*Cylinder weights and dimensions may vary slightly - contents remain balanced*

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