Insight Oil Analysis Programme
Insight Oil Analysis Programme
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Oil sampling service with selected engine oils
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The Insight Oil Analysis Programme makes laboratory testing of engine oil accessible to car owners.  The analysis measures the levels of over 20 contaminants, additives, and metals present in engine to indicate and will indicate areas of concern before they risk causing secondary damage.

The service is offered in hand with selected purchases of oil, so the price includes 5 litres of engine oil, a sample bottle, prepaid postage to the laboratory, individual results analysis and storage of the results.

Areas reported on include:
• Copper, tin and lead: Indicative of plain bearing failure
• Glycol: Reveals Cylinder Head leaks before ‘mayonnaise’ emulsification becomes visible
• Silicon: Shows problems with the air filter
• Fuel/soot: Is poor mixture control harming oil life?

In addition, the chemistry of the oil itself is measured and compared to its original formulation. This indicates whether the oil is appropriate for the vehicle in question, and can help to assess future oil change frequency as well as the choice of oil itself.

Analysis records will be kept for every car in the programme, and are even transferrable to new owners. The longer a car is on the programme, the more useful the data becomes, as it is trend data that is most important.
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