sealey super polymer polish
Sealey Super Polymer polish for soft, intermediate and hard paints (500ml)
tygris belt dressing anti slip
Reduces slippage and increases transmitted power by up to 50% (400ml aerosol)
wd-40 brake cleaner
For removing oil, grease, dirt and brake fluid (500ml aerosol)
silverhook radiator stop leak
Add to coolant to help fix leaks in the system (325ml)
gt85 maintenance spray (400ml)
Versatile multi-purpose spray containing PTFE
wd-40 5litres with applicator spray bottle
WD-40 Maintenance Spray in a 5 litre can, with applicator spray bottle
extralube zx1 c60 micro lube trigger spray
Penetrating Spray Lubricant blended with Extralube ZX1 Micro Oil Treatment, (300ml)
ZX1 Microlube Pin Oiler, useful for when a spray lubricant is unsuitable. (35ml bottle with needle applicator)
very tight
For the sealing and locking of threaded fasteners in heavy duty applications (50ml)
millers solform gel
An oil-free, water based, tube bending gel (15 kilos)
faher anti-friction grease aerosol
Anti-friction grease reinforced with micronised PTFE (400ml aerosol)
faher anti-friction high performance spray
Heavy duty cutting oil spray from the Faher Anti-friction range (400ml aerosol)