works immediately on contact and reduces wear and tear
Works immediately on contact, to remove grease, oil dirt and grime (500ml aerosol)
wd-40 fast release penetrant quickly releases stuck parts
Quickly penetrates into seized mechanisms to loosen and free parts (400ml aerosol)
long lasting lubrication with ptfe to reduce friction and wear
Spray lubricant with PTFE to provide excellent lubrication and protection whilst reducing friction and wear (400ml aerosol)
wd-40 silicone lubricant prevents parts from sticking and waterproof & protects against moisture
Waterproofs and protects against moisture, reduces wear and tear (400ml aerosol)
wd-40 motorbike chain lube with exceptional anti-fling properties
Long lasting chain lubrication with outstanding anti-fling properties ideal for dry conditions (400ml aerosol)
wd-40 motorbike wax and polish provides a deep glossy shine with no streaks
Creates a deep glossy shine with no streaks (400ml aerosol)
wd-40 motorbike chain wax with outstanding anti-fling properties
Lubrication and corrosion protection of chains, ideal for wet conditions (400ml aerosol)
non-fling, low friction faher high quality bicycle chain lube
Non fling, friction reducing chain lube ideal for racing applications (100ml)
For sealing close fitting joints between flanges and faces (50ml)
quite tight
Medium strength for the sealing and locking of threaded fasteners which may require disassembly (50ml)
rain-x upholstery repel guard
Creates a repellent coating to prevent future spills from absorbing into vehicle upholstery (500ml)
the original and the best
Brilliant chrome, aluminium and metal polish (100ml)