works immediately on contact and reduces wear and tear
Works immediately on contact, to remove grease, oil dirt and grime (500ml aerosol)
wd-40 fast release penetrant quickly releases stuck parts
Quickly penetrates into seized mechanisms to loosen and free parts (400ml aerosol)
fast acting, non conductive cleaner
Fast acting, non conductive cleaner for use on electrical equipment, contacts, plastics and rubber (400ml aerosol)
long lasting lubrication with ptfe to reduce friction and wear
Spray lubricant with PTFE to provide excellent lubrication and protection whilst reducing friction and wear (400ml aerosol)
wd-40 silicone lubricant prevents parts from sticking and waterproof & protects against moisture
Waterproofs and protects against moisture, reduces wear and tear (400ml aerosol)
wd-40 high performance white lithium grease
From the WD-40 Specialist range: water and heat resistant, non-drip formula for long term lubrication (400ml aerosol)
long lasting spray grease with wd-40
Long lasting lubrication with excellent adhesion and sealing properties for use on metal surfaces (400ml aerosol)
tygris belt dressing anti slip
Reduces slippage and increases transmitted power by up to 50% (400ml aerosol)
wd-40 motorbike chain wax with outstanding anti-fling properties
Lubrication and corrosion protection of chains, ideal for wet conditions (400ml aerosol)
wd-40 motorbike wax and polish provides a deep glossy shine with no streaks
Creates a deep glossy shine with no streaks (400ml aerosol)
for use on cutting & drilling machinery & equipment
Eases cutting & drilling operations on all types of metal to improve finish and extend tool life (400ml)
A ready for use, red coloured emulsifiable degreaser in a handy aerosol (400ml)
A ready for use, red coloured emulsifiable degreaser in a handy aerosol (400ml)