Millers Tank Safe
Millers Tank Safe
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A corrosion inhibitor for fuel tanks and fuel systems. Add to fuel before laying-up (250ml)
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High quality petrol additive providing anti corrosion protection and vapour phase inhibition

By addition to the fuel tank contents at the end of season “lay up” will provide fuel tank and fuel system protection whilst being stored

Add one bottle to tank contents and temporarily block any open fuel breathers for maximum efficiency

Tank Safe has been specifically formulated for petrol fuelled engines whether carburetor or fuel injected. It provides:-
• Extremely effect corrosion protection and vapour phase inhibition (VPI)
• Carburetor cleanliness improved
• Fuel system corrosion protection improved
• Fully compatible with all types of petrol - leaded, unleaded and oxygenated
• Very economical treatment rates.

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