Oil Dri MSA-approved spill kit £6.25!
Oil Dri MSA-approved spill kit £6.25!
£ 6.25
MSA Approved for motorsport, ideal for cleaning up small oil and coolant spills at home and on the road (1 x 2L Kit, 2 x 2L Kit)
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Designed to meet the requirements of the MSA, this spill kit comfortably absorbs 2 litres of oil and most other fluids.  The kit consists of 8 absorbent pads, 2 dry wipes, a pair of disposable gloves and a hazardous substance disposal bag with a zip-tie. 

Comes in a resealable polythene bag and sits behind the seats out of the way until needed.  Measures 15" x 9" x 1" and weighs 450g

Produced by Oil Dri UK exclusively for us.

MSA Spill Kit Guidelines

(From page 57 of the MSA blue book) ENVIRONMENTAL SPILL KIT - For use in managing spills of automotive fluids, lubricating oils & fluids,  gasoline, coolant additives, hydraulic oil etc.  All kits to include adequate number of disposal bags for collection of used materials. Used spill kit materials to be disposed of in accordance with National and/or Local Authority Guidelines:-

(iii) small spill kit. Absorbent pads and granular material capable of dealing with spillages up to 1.25litres capacity.

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