classic oils hot hatch 10w-40
Semi synthetic 10W-40 engine oil suitable for later classics, including many Hot Hatches from the 1980's and 90's (5 litre, 25 litre)
millers classic sport 20w60 5 litre
Extra high performance semi synthetic 20w60 (5 litre)
millers crx ls 75w140 nt
Competition, fully synthetic oil for limited slip differentials. With 'Nano Technology' to reduce internal frictional (1 litre)
castrol b373
Mineral based racing gear oil for use in limited slip final drives (1 litre)
millers crx ls 75w90 nt
Competition fully synthetic limited slip diff oil with 'Nano Technology' to reduce internal friction (1 litre)
millers monograde 50, low detergent oil for veteran and vintage vehicles
High quality, mild detergent monograde SAE50 mineral oil (5 litres)
A low detergent mongrade engine oil loved by many (1 gal and 4 x 1 gal)
A low detergent monograde engine oil loved by many (1 gal)
For initial lubrication of engine components during assembly and on first engine start (100g)
recommended for use in pre 1980 motorcycle engines where sae 40 & sae 50 grade engine oils were specified
Recommended for use in pre 1980 motorcycle engines where SAE 40 & SAE 50 grade engine oils were specified (4 litre)
semi-synthetic motorcycle 4-stroke oil
SAE 10W-40, semi-synthetic 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil (4 litre)
for the lubrication of conventional spiral bevel final drives and mild hypoid axles
Extreme pressure multi-purpose gear oil, API GL-4 (1 litre)
morris mlr 10w-50 previously x-rpm competition 10w-50
Fully synthetic multigrade motor oil with motor racing technology (5 litre)