Penrite Classic Heavy
Penrite Classic Heavy
£ 32.95
High Performance 40-70 classic motor oil formulated to replace SAE50 (1 litre, 5 litre)

Penrite Classic Heavy is an SAE 40-70 engine oil which can be used to replace SAE 50, with better results than using a 20W50. Classic Heavy was previously sold in the UK under the name HPR50.

Classic Heavy is specifically made for engines manufactured between 1950 and 1975. A special 40-70 multigrade oil for use in engines which called for SAE 50 monograde, or where castor oil was originally recommended. Ideal for both cars and motorcycles using ball and roller bearings. Ideal for many British motorcycles. 

This broad spectrum multigrade means that starter motor cranking loads are reduced as compared to a mongrade oil, while hot oil pressure is improved. 

Characteristics Penrite Classic Heavy
SAE Viscosity 40-70
Viscosity Index (VI) 142
Performance Level API: SG / CD
Zinc as ZDDP 1610
Base Oil Group Grp II
Detergent-Dispersant Package Moderate
Other Includes corrosion protection & tackiness
additive for lay-up periods

Penrite Classic Heavy is available with out Insight Motor Oil Analysis Programme - click here for more details.
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