Penrite Classic V-Dub
Penrite Classic V-Dub
Code: CLASV005
£ 32.95
Premium mineral, multi-grade SAE 20W-60 engine oil, especially formulated for VW Beetles (5 litre)
Classic V-Dub is a premium mineral, multi-grade SAE 20W-60 engine oil, designed to provide outstanding protection for both horizontally opposed, flat four/six (Boxer) and in line, air or water cooled petrol and diesel engines.
Classic V-Dub is designed for use in:
  • Volkswagen Beetles (Type 1)
  • Super Beetle (Type 131)
  • Kombi/Transporter Vans (Type 2)
  • Karmann Ghia, Fastback and Squareback (Type 3)
  • 411/412 (Type 4)
  • Kubelwagen (Type 82)
  • Trekker (Type 181)
  • VW/Porsche 914
  • Air cooled Porsche 911/356 models, manufactured from 1940 to 2003
  • Classic V-Dub is also suitable for vehicles fitted with Volkswagen air and water cooled engines such as air cooled Porsche 911/356 models, Citroen 2CV, Fiat 500, NSU Prinz, Tatra and in BMC & Leyland Minis as a combined engine and transmission oil. It may also be used in early water cooled engines in Golf, Passat and Caravelle/Transporter vans including inline diesel engined T3 vans as well as for rotary engined vehicles where this viscosity and specification is required.

Classic V-Dub meets API SJ/CG-4 and contains a high zinc additive pack for added anti-wear protection for older engines. It contains a special additive pack that has been specifically selected to provide better protection for Volkswagen air and water cooled engines. It is compatible with the original grades that were specified and exceeds their specification requirements, hence offering a greater level of engine protection compared to the original oils.

Classic V-Dub contains a “Tacky Additive” so that when vehicles are laid up, the engine oil doesn't run off the internal surfaces. This, combined with an increased level of rust inhibitor, provides protection against corrosion and deterioration when the engine is not used or in storage.

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