Penrite Shelsley Medium
Penrite Shelsley Medium
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Engine oil for vehicles originally specifying a Medium Grade Oil or a SAE 40 (20 litre drum)
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We are out of stock of Shelsley Medium in 5 litres so this oil is currently only available in 20 litres drums. We will have more stock in 5 litres in early September 2017.

A low detergent multigrade 25W/70 engine oil intended for vehicles manufactured between 1920 and 1950. The oil contains additional corrosion inhibitor to protect against rust and corrosion during lay-up over non-use periods.

Shelsley Medium is designed for vehicles originally specifying a 'Medium' Grade Oil or a SAE 40, and will provide better cold circulation and higher hot oil pressure than a 'straight' or monograde oil.  

If you are concerned about the sensibility of multigrade oil in vintage engines, please call us to discuss.

Characteristics Penrite
Shelsley Medium
SAE Viscosity 25W-70
Viscosity Index (VI) 140
Performance Level API: SC / CC
Zinc as ZDDP 1400
Base Oil Group Grp II
Detergent-Dispersant Package Low
Other Includes corrosion protection & tackiness
additive for lay-up periods




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