Q12 Rust Converter
Q12 Rust Converter
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A first-class rust converting jelly (200ml)
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Q12 removes the worst rust in minutes.  It is a mixture of hydrochloric and phosphoric acids which converts iron oxide (rust) into iron phosphate, which inhibits corrosion and increases the adheson and durability of paint finishes.

Q12 comes as a very thick non-drip jelly for use even on vertical surfaces, and leaves a tough black surface ready for primer

For best results remove any loose rust with a wire brush and apply Q12 with a toothbrush.  Leave for 20 to 30 minutes and allow Q12 to react with the iron oxide, then wash off with water and dry.  Reapply as necessary.

Ideal for use in the garage, home, workshop or on the farm for rusty tools, implements and fittings.
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