Q30 Protective Film
Q30 Protective Film
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A unique spray-on clear, flexible, waterproof membrane (400ml)
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Q30 is an incredible new product - you really have to see it in action to believe it.  It's like transparent plastic skin for your car!

It is a spray-on, flexible, protective polymer film which once cured (takes seconds only) will completely seal almost anything from water, dust and other contaminants.  It remains flexible and transparent indefinitely.  Q30 also prevents rust and tarnishing, and up to 1000% elongation without cracking.  When its job is done, easily peels off in one piece.  Q30 is 500 hour salt spray test certified, and insulates electrically.  UV stable for 12-24 months.

A million uses, including
  • Waterproofing electrical connections
  • Protection of delicate electronic circuitry from water ingress
  • Corrosion prevention of polished metals
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