Red Line RL-600 Brake Fluid
Red Line RL-600 Brake Fluid
£ 19.95
Dot 4, fully-synthetic, high performance brake fluid for competition use (16oz)
Red Line RL-600 Brake Fluid is a high-performance, DOT 4 brake fluid for competition use, taking it's name from its dry boiling point of 604°F / 318°C.

Red Line RL-600 is engineered to maintain viscosity, lubricity and compressibility at extreme temperatures to help safeguard against brake fade and vapour lock in racing and motorsport applications.

RL-600 Brake Fluid is formulated with a precise mixture of Borate Esters and Glycol Ethers, plus moisture and corrosion inhibitors.  The high quality raw materials yield a superior fluid resistant to absorption and retention of moisture, while providing the best protection against extreme temperatures.

Red Line RL-600 is compatible with DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 fluids.  It is suitable for passenger vehicles, as well as racing car and motorcycles and other motorsport activity.
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