Silverstone Detailing Quick Ceramic
Silverstone Detailing Quick Ceramic
Code: SDQCER0005
£ 19.95
Ceramic coating which provides up to 3 months hydrophobic and glossy ceramic protection. (500ml)

Silverstone Detailing Quick Ceramic provides up to 3 months ceramic protection, whilst also leaving an ultra-hydrophobic, high gloss finish. You can use this ceramic detailer as a standalone layer of ceramic protection, or as a top-up to an existing ceramic coating.

It is the easiest way to give your vehicle the enhanced level of gloss that it deserves after washing. However, it can also be used with a high wuality microfibre cloth to safely remove light dust or dirt, which is also a perfect way to remove bird droppings so they don't damage your paintwork.

Directions of use:

Lightly mist onto a panel and leave for up to a minute.
With a clean microfibre cloth, gently buff off any residue.
For the best protection, ensure that no water comes into contact with the surface for a few hours to let it fully cure.
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