WD-40 Motorbike Chain Wax
WD-40 Motorbike Chain Wax
Code: WD-40 MCW
£ 7.95
Lubrication and corrosion protection of chains, ideal for wet conditions (400ml aerosol)
WD-40 Specialist Motorbike Chain Wax is a white calcium grease based lubricant with strong adhesive properties designed for high speed, high stress applications such as motorcycle chains.

WD-40 Chain Wax applies wet enabling penetration into links before thickening.  It's primarily designed for use on high speed motorcylce chains, but can be used on all moving metal parts to improve lubrication and help prevent malfunction and seizure.

• Contains Extreme Pressure and Anti Wear additives for improved load resistance
• Anti-corrosive additives for superior metal protection
• Highly water resistant, providing excellent corrosion protection
• Long lasting
• Penetrates and thickens
• Anti-fling formula
• Precision spray application minimises wastage
• Compatible with O,X and Z ring chains
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