barrel pump lever type
Hand operated lever type pump for use with 15 to 55 gallon drums
conical connector
Conical connector for use with grease gun
push on connector
Lumatic Push On Connector for grease gun
heavy duty steel funnel 2
Heavy-duty steel funnels with a tough anti-corrosion coating (6 and 8 inch)
pressure solvent sprayer
Hand pump sprayer with Viton seals, 1 litre
sealey digital multimeter
Heavy-duty 8 function digital multimeter with thermocouple (pink!)
hobbyweld ultra 15 - 85% argon mig mix
For good quality MIG welds on thicker section steel. No bottle rental, 20 litre
hook on connector
Hook on connector for use with grease guns
lumatic slide on connector
Lumatic grease gun, slide on connector
slide-on connector
Slide-on connector with knuckle joint
squeeze bottle with angled spout
Squeezy bottle with angled spout 500cc
faithfull grease gun for larger jobs
Faithfull grease gun for larger jobs