barrel pump lever type
Hand operated lever type pump for use with 15 to 55 gallon drums
(Ex VAT £24.96)
heavy duty steel funnel 2
Heavy-duty steel funnels with a tough anti-corrosion coating (6 and 8 inch)
(Ex VAT £8.29)
pressure solvent sprayer
Hand pump sprayer with Viton seals, 1 litre
(Ex VAT £16.63)
sealey digital multimeter
Heavy-duty 8 function digital multimeter with thermocouple (pink!)
(Ex VAT £10.79)
hook on connector
Hook on connector for use with grease guns
(Ex VAT £3.29)
squeeze bottle with angled spout
Squeezy bottle with angled spout 500cc
(Ex VAT £2.46)
electrostart batteryless power start 800a 12v
Batteryless jump starter which can be fully energised in 2 minutes, 800A 12V
(Ex VAT £108.29)
faithfull grease gun for larger jobs
Faithfull grease gun for larger jobs
(Ex VAT £18.08)
never be caught out by a flat battery again
Never be caught out by a flat battery again, with the SIP 03972 Pro Booster 800Li Booster & Power Pack
(Ex VAT £99.96)
sealey inspection syringe vs404
Oil & brake fluid inspection syringe 200ml
(Ex VAT £19.96)
five section magnetic pick-up tool, 165mm - 635mm
Heavy-duty, telescopic pick-up tool with a 3.6kg capacity
(Ex VAT £3.29)
extends from 125mm to 635mm
Magnetic pick-up tool with a 2.25kg capacity
(Ex VAT £3.29)