XCP Lubricate & Protect
XCP Lubricate & Protect
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Offers superior lubrication, reduced friction and extra protection against corrosion (400ml aerosol)
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XCP™ Lubricate & Protect™ is a high performance lubrication fluid, delivering long lasting protection against wear.  The powerful blend of mineral and bio oils are designed to deliver maximum performance in a wide range of applications, including high pressure and motion.
Ideal for the lubrication of joints, bearings, cables, chains, etc.


  • Superior Lubrication: The active ingredients in the XCP™ formula provide market leading lubrication by dispersing quickly and widely across the applied surface to lay down a thin, colourless soft coating that will keep parts loose, lubricated and protected.
  • Reduces Friction and Minimises Wear: The powerful XCP™ formula is built to withstand high pressure applications and reduce the impact of friction between moving parts, minimising the long term effects of wear.
  • Extra Protection: For extra corrosion and rust protection trust the unique XCP™ formula to provide long lasting protection against moisture and other corrosive elements.


  • Outperforms market leader and other niche / premium brands
  • Tests and service experience show wear reduction and lubrication qualities improved by up to 60% when compared to market leader
  • Reduced fire risk due to high flash point
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