XCP Rust Blocker
XCP Rust Blocker
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Up To 500x longer rust protection (400ml aerosol)
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XCP™ Rust Blocker™ is a powerful corrosion and rust preventative built on knowledge gained tackling corrosion prevention in the most demanding of industrial applications around the world.  XCP Rust Blocker is ideal for treating tools and equipment before shipping and storage (in and outdoor); vehicle maintenance; metalwork protection and maintenance. It offers excellent aluminium protection against galvanic corrosion.


  • Maximum Protection: Trust the powerful and unique XCP™ formula to provide long lasting protection against moisture and other corrosive elements.
  • Clear Flexible Film: The active ingredients in XCP™ form a clear flexible film that resists cracking. Used regularly, applied areas will become easier to clean due to the soft layer of XCP™ active ingredients on the surface of the applied area
  • Easy Application: Can be wiped, sprayed, brushed or used for dipping. The XCP™ formula, once dry, will provide a non-greasy, soft coating finish that will provide outstanding corrosion and rust prevention.


  • Outperforms market leader and other niche / premium brands
  • Up to 500x longer protection than multi-purpose products and other specialist brands
  • Reduced fire risk due to high flash point
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